Friday, July 13, 2018

Technical Difficulties

So I haven't just been lazy lately, I have actually had technical issues with uploading photos.
I'll spare you the details and just say that I have finally dealt with the problem and should be back in the blogging game.

So since it's been months since my last post, I'm just going to hit the high points.

Spring holydays.

They actually were a little rough because our family suffered a couple of different illnesses at the same time that resulted in three weeks of illness in our home.

Our little sickies.

Ducks and chickens. We have a decent flock this year!

The kids love feeding them.

We enjoyed a family camping canoe trip at Caddo Gap, Arkansas for Mother's Day.

Catching crawfish.

Gorgeous Caddo River.

Braid twins.

Happy Mother's Day!

Strawberry picking.

Fruitful berry season at home.

Happy 10 years!
We enjoyed a weekend at Caddo Lake near historical Jefferson, TX.

Cousin visit #1.
Blueberry picking

The boys.

Crosby's first blueberry picking trip. He ate a lot.

We found out that Crosby loves the splash pad!

Best buds.

Visit to the peach orchard.

Squeezing on to the car!

Hangin' with Pops at his gig!

Memorial Day family lake party!

Enjoying kid pina coladas.

Our trio cheesin' it up!

Boat ride.

Sabrina stopped sucking her fingers!
She actually stopped way in early spring but we had her party in June. I will do a separate post about her party later.

Ryder's first year at preteen camp!
I still can't believe he's old enough to go to camp.
Here's the fish he caught!
He had a great time, despite his quick trip to the doctor to mend an ear infection.

After camp, Ryder started survival swim lessons. He was swimming underwater like this by day 3.

I realized I had to get Sabrina in on it. Now they both swim like pros.

Cousin visit #2.

Selene and Sabrina helping me make cupcakes for 4th of July.

Lake party!

Summer Reading!
The theme this year is "Libraries Rock!"

Playing a real piano next to the thumb piano they made at Summer Reading.

Crosby selfie!

We have a big trip coming up soon, so lots more to share!

Friday, March 23, 2018

A Slice Of Life

So blog posts have been low on my priority list lately. Things have been a little less busy the last couple of months, but that is soon going to change. Here's a few pictures of what's been happening around here.

Yes, we had snow this winter! I knew it was bound to happen after two years of nothing. Crosby loved it, even though he could only handle being out in it for a little bit. Ryder's old coveralls worked well with a few minor adjustments.

The whole crew.

And yes, there was sledding. Actually the best stuff was being pulled behind the golf cart, but Jasper was a good sled puller as well.

The kids got their first opportunity to skate! Sabrina fearlessly jumped out there, with a little help.

Ryder surprised me too. He hopped right into those skates and worked his way around!

Here's some of Crosby's shenanigans.

Ryder reading to Crosby.

Someone is big into shoes right now. Despite the face, this was totally his doing.

Poquito showing the love.

Sportin' the cool shades.

Spring thunderstorms bring mud puddles!

He loves to R-I-D-E!

Just 15 months old, sittin' on a ladder...

Porch chillin' on a fussy afternoon.

We finally got a piano! Already they are collaborating.

Such a natural.

I love this picture. They are such buddies!

Spring has sprung! Sabrina is posing with our plum trees in bloom. They finally have bloomed at the same time!

Spring break means cousin visit! Here they are unwrapping old crayons to make rainbow crayons.

They turned out great!

Movies and popcorn.

Crosby's first zoo visit. Such a beautiful day!

Naturally, he loved the petting zoo. Here he looks like the goat whisperer.

Sabrina was completely enamored with the giraffe.

Pops and his Texas grandkids.

The kids had their field day this week. Ryder got third in the 400 meter run in his age group, and Sabrina got third in the baseball throw in her age group. I'm so proud of them, mostly because they participated in just about every event!

Loved this shot of Sabrina in the standing long jump!

Baseball throw.

Loved this picture of the boys.

The kids randomly decided to have a "camping night" and slept on the floor. Whatever.

A few school-ish moments.

Crosby loves the little chalkboard tablet. I just have to constantly remind him not to eat the chalk.

A pretty typical school day.

Sabrina has her "busy boxes" she gets to play with when Ryder is doing school. Today playdough was in the spotlight. Crosby had the best time with it, and even Ryder joined in during his break.

That's a little bit of what's been happening around here. We're about to get real busy with lots of different things including some traveling in the near future. I have enjoyed this slower time this winter. Hopefully it has rejuvenated me for the upcoming summer and all that is coming with it!