Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Couch Potato No More!

Now it's more like a couch carrot.

You know, because carrots are slimmer, sweeter, and better for you.

Plus they're orange. I like orange.

Anyway, this couch re-upholstering process has been going on over the course of a couple of years. It's a large couch, and we have had to work on it in phases.

Plus I had a baby during that time so that kind of slowed things down.

Here's the project: a large sectional couch. Some very nice friends gave us this beauty. It is in great condition, a really good quality couch. The fabric, while in great shape, was outdated, so we decided to recover it. 

Here is the before. As you can see, we had moved it into our new house before it was finished.

The couch has three pieces. Seven back pillows, six bottom cushions, and five throw pillows.

A close up of the original fabric. It's very pretty, just outdated colors.

As I said it took a long time to get everything finished. We focused on one section of couch at a time, then my mom took a few pillows/cushions home to work on a time.

I only took pictures of our last recovering session. The most time consuming part was taking it apart. This last time it went a lot faster because Nick helped us. He was able to rip most of the old stuff off by hand, which saved Mom and I from all the bloody gashes we would get trying to get it off with screwdrivers and staple pullers.

There is proof that I helped!
Mostly I just assisted Mom while she did all the parts that required real skill.

Love this awesome stapler!

Crosby was helping too.

This is the reality of what was happening: Mom making magic.

So this is what it looked like with the other sections as well.

The finished product! It looks amazing!

We finished the pillows up the same day as the couch.

A view of the side.

Definitely a couch carrot now!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Cousin Visit and Then Some!

We got a visit from all the cousins on the Flynn side!

Woo hoo!

That definitely calls for a party!

Everyone enjoying some lunch!
(Crosby is stealing food from everyone's plate.)

Happy birthday Lorelei and Liam!
Mermaids & Pirates party!

Ariel's cavern.

Pirate ship.

Treasure chest.

Monster snacks.

Ariel and pirate ship cupcakes!

Our three mermaids!

Mermaid hair!

Party time!

Captain Xander!


More fun cousin moments:

Guitar girls!

Pops playing for everyone.

Lorelei picking up a few things.

Gigi and Crosby.

Liam and Crosby are buddies.

Hangin' on the couch in pjs.

Decorating sugar cookies! Thanks Aunt Kelly, they were delicious!

Sword fighting! Liam is a serious warrior!

Batman and Batgirl!

Our big outing: Discovery Science Place. The fun never stops here.

Crosby's first time here. He had so much fun.

Giant lite brite board.

Ryder's dream to become an astronaut comes true!

We took some nice pictures while everyone was here.
Thanks Rita!

The clan has grown!

A bunch of crazy people.

Gram and Pops with all the grandkids.

Just us.

Family fire.

My big boy.

All the girls.

We had a wonderful time together and look forward to our next visit!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Thanksgiving Moments and More

We had a really relaxing Thanksgiving this year.
This is unusual for us because we have lots of family to share this holiday with, but things just worked out differently this time.

During Thanksgiving week, Jasper came over for a while and we made chocolate sugar cookies. The kids had fun decorating them.

Of course eating them was the best part.

Since our Thanksgiving day was pretty chill, I tried to give the kids some things to do to make it more special. Here they are standing by their grateful tree sporting their pilgrim hat and Indian headdress.

Some of their fall artwork.

The kids helped make our place card holders for dinner.

Mom and Dad spent the day with us. Everyone pile on for a golf cart ride!

Our new kitty addition. Meet Ringo.

This now makes three kitties for us.

Dancing fun!

Makes for a blurry picture but they sure had fun!

Family shot! Daddy was being silly.

Dinner was simple yet tasty.

Momma and Crosby got a haircut. We've got matching shirts too. Thanks Aunt Missy!

Someone figured out how to sit in the rocking chair. He even gets himself a book to look at.

He also figured out how to get up on these chairs. Thankfully he is good at getting down too. Look at that proud face!

This Thanksgiving was very enjoyable, and these last couple of weeks have been pleasant as well. Lots of fun times coming up!