Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mickey & Minnie Combined Birthday Party!

Three years ago, I gave birth to our son.
Two years later on the same day, I gave birth to our daughter.
Now they share the same birthday, and therefore, the same birthday party.
This year was our first time to address the combined birthday aspect. We enjoyed Ryder's SpongeBob Squarepants First Birthday. We loved his Constructive 2nd Birthday. But this year's theme has been one of my favorites.
Mickey & Minnie Mouse!
It started with a festive invitation.

"Come join us at the lakeside clubhouse!"
Behold! A Mickey & Minnie party table!
We used dollar store plastic tablecloths for the table toppers and backdrops. (We painted the polka dots ourselves and the Mickey buttons are actually paper plates!)
Minnie/Sabrina's side.
Of course, what do you serve at a Mickey party? Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dogs!
Cupcake tower.
A close-up of the handy helper balloons my mom made. Now they are toys for the kids!
Donald Duck Bills.
(Okay I messed up and wrote "beaks" but hey, you get the point.)
"Goofy's Grapes & Stuff." Mickey inspired watermelon.
Mickey & Minnie oreo cookies.
Sucker favors.
Mickey/Ryder side.
My mom drew/painted the Mickey and Minnie. You can now see them at our local library!
Drink/gift table. I made the character party hats. They are sooo cute!
I got the pattern for the hats here.
Mommy and birthday boy!
The whole happy family!
As always, we have to have some kind of cool fun thing to do at the party. The first year, we had a fire hose spraying across the beach. The second year we had a slip and slide. This year, we had both.
The kids absolutely loved this toy.
Ryder hangin' with his friends.
Mmmm, yummy watermelon.
(My mom made the Minnie Mouse ears bows.)
Yea! Chocolate cupcakes!
Speaking of cupcakes....Ryder loved helping me make his birthday cupcakes for the party...
Pouring in the liquids.
He got to lick the bowl.
I love that smile.
All in all the kids' party was a great success. The guests played and ate and had fun all day.
The party actually took place the day before the kids' birthday. On their actual birthday, we went grocery shopping (lame). But, we took Ryder to see the new Planes movie. It was Sabrina's first movie at the theaters.
I couldn't resist, I had to get him the new Firefighter Dusty toy. During the movie he would fly it around.
Happy excited boy.
Sabrina enjoying her cupcake in her Minnie hat.
The kids have gotten another year older. It's hard to believe how much they have grown. They both had a great birthday!


  1. So sorry we had to miss it! It looked like a blast GREAT decor as always!!!

  2. Aww! This is such an amazing birthday celebration. Pretty memories of my daughter's first birthday last to last year are still fresh to my mind. Booked one of the exotic event venue suggested by my cousin. Catering and baking was amazing although. Planning her grand birthday this year also.