Friday, February 7, 2014

The Silver Quarter: 25th Birthday Party!

Now, and only now, I will reveal my age.
Hello insurance break!
Called not really because apparently they quit doing that.
Oh well, turning 25 has other perks. An awesome party with my friends that I hardly get to see anymore is one!
The theme was Silver 25th. Duh! Who says you can't have a silver anniversary of your birth? My mom got it all together, and then couldn't come because of a mean cold bug that's been circulating around our family. We almost had to cancel because of me, but my friend(s) swooped in and saved the party!
We had a lovely decorated dessert table and a tasty chili bar.

Silver frosted dessert table.

Silver dusted cake balls.
Chocolate Coffee Truffles with silver coffee bean.
White/silver candy and snack bar.
York peppermint patties, mini candy bars, kisses, Hershey's nuggets, white chocolate pretzels, cake pops and mints. You have to have mints when you eat chili!
Chocolate mousse in chocolate cups with silver 25 caps. I LOVE mousse!!
Mom made this awesome "25" emblem. Just made the table!
This has been and interesting few months, and I'm sure that there will be more interesting times in the future, but I'm so glad to have friends and family that love and support me and my family.
To the future! And another year to enjoy together!