Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pickling Peppers and Other Stuff In Life...

Well I'm finally posting again. Sort of. Haven't had much to post honestly, life has been so busy that I haven't had time to create anything new.

I mean I just created a person (with some help of course). What more can I be expected to do for a while?

There are a few projects that I'm finally thinking I can tackle now that I'm not pregnant and Sabrina's falling into a slightly predictable sleeping pattern. We're hosting Thanksgiving at our place this year so I think Nick and I will be excited to fix our house up a little before that holiday arrives.

Our garden has been completely ignored in recent months, which is kind of sad because of how warm it's been this fall. We could have had a whole second wave of some things if we had been cultivating it. The one thing that's still doing well despite our absence is peppers. Jalapeno, bell and banana are all still producing. A week or so ago, I got a bead in my bonnet to go pick all the jalapenoes that were ripe. Then I invited my mother-in-law over to watch Ryder and I pickled peppers! I got 6 pints out of one crop.

I knew these peppers weren't hot because Ryder played with them outside for an hour and never acted like his hands got hot. But hey, they'll still have flavor. He was my pepper helper. Even now he'll still ask to "play with the peppers." The things kids find entertaining can be a head scratcher. It felt good to do something, to make use of some of our garden yield. The next thing I need to do is can some cranberry sauce, so I might have to call on a grandmother again!

This is what happens when you play with peppers for an hour - you fall asleep eating lunch!

Ryder and Sabrina have been bonding so much already. I can't imagine how happy Ryder will be when she's old enough for him to drag around everywhere.

They already look like they're up to something!

Just had to post a couple of photos of how cute Ryder looked one week for church. (Okay he's always cute but look at the boots!)

I have to admit, it's fun to dress up my little doll. She's so cooperative too! (For now, I guess.)

She's got such an infectious smile! It's so wonderful how kids don't know how to hold back on emotions such as these.

Hopefully I'll be returning here and there with something in the following weeks. I've got a few furniture pieces I want to work on and some sewing projects. One at a time, the kids are the most important (and fun) priorities in our life.

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

Last weekend my mom led the way in throwing an amazing Dr. Seuss baby shower for our dear friend.

This was probably our favorite tablescape yet and the menu was excellent.


Dr. Seuss cupcakes.

Lorax mustaches.

Yertle's Turtles and Fish marshmallows.

Grin-Itch Spinach dip.

Hop on Pop-corn.

Three Cheese Trees.

Green Eggs.
(oreos and white candy melts.)

Cat in the Hat hats.
(mozzarella and tomatoes.)

Poodle Noodles.

Truffula fruit bouquet.

Greeting Table.

Sign in book.
Everyone signed a message in the book - really cool idea!

Drink table.

Walking in.

We all had a great time at the shower and the decorations definitely set the tone. Mom put a ton of work into it as well as our friend who hosted the event. So cool!

I really appreciate our friend's photographer friend taking some pictures of me and my girl.

So precious! Does it not just make you bust out a smile back?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bound For Branson

Yes, I know it's been a long time. Having a new baby can do that to you. We also have had a lot going on since her birth, including a wonderful trip to Branson, Missouri.

My brother and his family, my grandmother, and my twin niece and nephew were there. We enjoyed lots of family time and good beer.

Walking around the Ihop on the trip up.

So sweet! Those two are precious!

The house we stayed in was beautiful and plenty big for our huge crowd. 
The view was phenomenal.


Pops playing piano with Sabrina.
The house we stayed in was beautiful and plenty big for our huge crowd.

All the grandkids (okay minus the newest) on the floor playing together.

We got to see an awesome light, water and fire show on the Branson Landing. The kids liked it, but they definitely wanted some grown ups nearby.

Pops and his grandkids (the ones that walk anyway).

 We stayed on Lake Taneycomo, so one day we rented a pontoon boat to cruise the lake.
Gram and the twins.

Mommy and Sabrina.
I'll admit, the two younger kids weren't really thrilled with the boat ride. Still too young.

Jake, Kelly and Lorelei.

Nick probably doesn't like this picture of him, but I love how Ryder is shoving him aside to drive the boat. Both Xander and Ryder got to drive the boat!

We went to this excellent zoo called The Promised Land Zoo. The kids loved it because you could actually pet and feed many of the animals they have there. Here, Selene is petting the prairie dog.

Ryder is petting the joey.

Nick and Pops took the older kids down to the lake shore to play.

"Throw it in the lake!"

Selene found a flower.

Xander playing in the lake.

All in all we had a great trip and it definitely went by way too fast. We're looking forward to seeing some of the family again for Thanksgiving. We've already started plotting next year's trip, and hopefully we can all be together again. Branson was beautiful, and we didn't even scratch the surface of what there is to do there. That's the only thing with having little ones; but someday they'll all be right there with us.