Friday, August 30, 2013

Rainbow Rain Baby Shower

My mom has done it again.

She is an amazing party planner, and did not disappoint with the beautiful baby shower she threw for me and our brand new baby girl.

Umbrella tablescape.

There's the fantastic party planner herself - Gram!
Thanks to all who helped her out!
Notice the rainbow raindrops hanging from the umbrellas.

Rainbow cake pops! Yum!

Rainbow food and candy. Notice the rainbow pizza - quite a hit!

 Rainbow heart oreos.

Umbrella babybel cheese.

Truffles- awesome!!

Cloud centerpieces.

Rainbow rain.

Sign in table - everything is 1 degree from the Beatles.

Grammy, Mommy and Sabrina.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sabrina Rae

Welcome to our baby girl,

Sabrina Rae

She was born on her brother's birthday!

She came so fast that my husband caught her! My midwife was literally in the driveway when she came.

She's so precious.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ryder's Constructive 2nd Birthday!

Ryder is 2!!!!

He had an amazing party, so fun that the older kids are still talking about it.

Nick came up with the idea of a slip and slide the night before the party.

I poo-pooed it.

I am eating my words the rest of my life.

The kids (and a few adults) LOVED it!

Gracie speeding down the slide.

Nick trying it out.
Nick took Ryder down once and, well, he hated it. Still too young I guess, but his party guests enjoyed it!

At first, the grandpas were catching the kids to keep them from sliding into the pond, but then eventually we started letting the kids slide right into it!

Cooling off in the pool.

Ridin' around the land.

We had a construction theme for his party this year. We kept things fairly simple since I wasn't sure I wouldn't be having a baby before party time arrived.


Cake & cones.
(I got the caution tape recycled from a local thrift shop. It was headed for the trash and I saved it!)

Tool box and trucks hold all the yummy snacks.

Just a hint: kids love pickles. They were so excited to see the pickles.

Candy tools.

This was Ryder's new tractor. When he came in from outside and saw the table, the first thing he did was point to it and said, "Tractor! Want tractor!" Of all the toys on the table, he knew exactly which one was new!

Ryder's dirt cake.

This was the most fun cake to make. It was sooo easy. The dirt is crushed cookie crumbs and my mom found the candy rocks! Plus Ryder got some new toys out of the deal.

My mom made these cute water bottle labels.

Ryder enjoying his birthday food!

All the kids enjoying the nice mild summer day.

"Happy Birthday to you!"
Ryder thought it was so cool that everyone was singing to him.

Yummy cake!
He had a great time and so did everyone else. So glad everyone came and hopefully we'll have more fun times ahead!

Grammy, Mommy and Gram.
This is me on my due date.

Little did I know what was to come next...