Monday, February 22, 2016

A Quick Glance

Life moves on and on.
Here's a recap of little events happening around our place in the last few months.

My niece and nephew came for a visit around the holiday season. It was a pretty laid back visit, especially since we all caught the flu. But we got to be sick together so it worked out well.
Selene loved riding Ryder's bike and following the "roads" we drew on our slab.
Xander made some awesome artwork with his chalk. He is quite the artist.
The girls: Sabrina and Selene. Xander is photo bombing in the background.
During this time we also celebrated my mom's birthday. In honor of her special day, we went to see the latest Star Wars movie (perhaps the movie choice was less for her and more for the grandkids). We had a great time and I got funny looks walking into the theater.
Ryder and Sabrina moments:
Reading a book together. Something about a little chair makes reading that much more cozy.
Sabrina teasing the kitty.
Ryder loves holding his Parker.
We got to enjoy a fun session of playing on trampolines! This is a great activity for all ages and the kids thought it was the bee's knees!
Nothing like getting to fling yourself into the abyss of foam!
For my birthday, my special gift was a work party around our house. Specifically, my exterior doors got some paint on them! My parents and my husband's parents came over and worked on getting them looking good!
The kids wanted to help so they "painted" the back deck with a beautiful shade of water. They were very thorough.
Ryder wanted to be just like Pops, sanding away at the door frame.
Sabrina has discovered my closet. She is constantly coming up with new combinations.
These were just a few moments I wanted to share. There will be more here soon, as life keeps keepin' on.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Office Space: Desk Update

I've got another transformation to share! This is a desk from a bedroom set I got at my local thrift shop. I decided to use it for an office desk near my kitchen. You always need a place to keep all that kind of stuff, and I'm so happy to finally have it in place and functioning!
Here is the before. It was one of the nastiest of the set, with a lot that greasy junk that covered all the pieces in this set.
As you can see, the drawers were already cleaned when these pictures were taken. You can see the back kick board is almost brown - eeww.
Voila! A fresh yellow really livens it up and fits perfectly in its spot!
New drawer pulls make it look even more updated.
Ryder showing off how nice it is to work at the new desk.
One of many more projects to come! I got a paint sprayer for my birthday, so I'll be getting even more done soon!!