Sunday, June 22, 2014

Child Infinity Scarf Upcycle: A Tutorial

House building has been somewhat slow. Sort of on pause.
So instead of a house update, I have a project to share with you.
Child infinity scarf
made from thrift shop scarves.
So simple, you might say, "really?!"
Start with a relatively thin scarf about 40-44 inches long.
I got mine at a thrift shop for less than $1.
Some scarves have angled edges, creating points at the end. These need to be evened out.
Cut the ends to make straight edges.
With right sides together, pin short ends and sew a zig zag seam.
You could leave it as it is, but I like to give it another nice straight seam.
And your done!

Wrap it twice around your little one and you've got an adorable little accessory!
So easy and it makes great use of those silky little scarves you see in all those pretty colors and patterns. Have fun creating!