Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fruits Of Our Labor

The garden has been quite fruitful this year, what with all the rain we've had this spring season. We moved back in to our house just in time for me to harvest and can all our produce.

I've been sick this week, and while I seem to be on the mend, I'm still taking it easy. So what else should I do but write a blog post?

I hadn't planted a garden in two years. Basically, I missed a year. I just couldn't handle trying to grow a garden from afar last year while we were living elsewhere. So this year I planted one, thinking we'd be in our new house when it was time to really do some work. Well we made it just in time.

*(Sorry the pictures are small, there seems to be technical difficulties with my blogger.)
This is what the garden looked like when I first started working on it. It was completely ignored last year, with all the weeds growing as they liked.
This what it looked like when I got the early crop planted. Lettuce, spinach, carrots, radishes, and cilantro.
My garden currently. As you can see, I've already lost my squash to the bugs, but not without harvesting some fruit first. My peppers, tomatillos and tomatoes are thriving.
My tomatoes. The plants have gotten so big that they fell over on the ground. We had to stake the cages up with fence posts to keep the tomatoes from rotting.
Probably my biggest tomato I've harvested.
Cucumbers and basil.
I've already gotten to make a lot with our yield.
Blackberry jam. This was just from one crop; we missed our early crop because we were moving at that time.
Peach pepper jam. The peaches aren't ours, but the peppers are.
Salsa and pickles.
I've also been freezing zucchini as well as green beans. We actually had to make a trip to buy our deep freeze so that we could store all that we're obtaining. Our house freezer is already full. It's fun to be canning again, filling our new pantry with home canned goods. This sickness has slowed me down a bit; I've been out for two and a half days so far. But I seem to be on the mend and looking forward to all our busy summer plans. More to post soon!