Monday, February 23, 2015

Color My World

We're in the midst of my favorite part of the building process -
We've been working regularly and chipping away at all the many rooms and coats that have to be done. It's finally starting to feel like the house has our own personal stamp on it, and we can really see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty left to do before we can move in, but that time is finally within reach.
Looking out through the living room windows. Keep in mind, the ceiling is going to be covered in rusty barn metal, so that's why we haven't painted it.
Standing in the living room, looking toward the dining room and kitchen. The wall color is a deep red orange. Lee is here painting the yellow. The two beams that are covered in plastic have never been opened - we don't have any idea what they look like! I guess we'll get to see them when we're finished painting.
Marilyn painting the kids' bathroom. She has been such a hard worker and is excellent at cutting in those crazy colors.
The kids' bathroom, yellow ceiling and light blue walls.
The guest bathroom. The lighting makes it difficult to see the colors clearly, but the ceiling is yellow and the walls are a light orange.
Sabrina's room. I never thought I would paint my girl's wall pink, but here it is being pink!
Ryder's room. We had to set up shop in there when it came time to paint in the laundry room. We will be painting some racing stripes around the wall.
The master bedroom, looking in from the living room.
The master bedroom.
The master bath. In this picture the colors look like the kids' bath but they are actually very different colors. The teal is the same as the bedroom ceiling and the bath ceiling is the same light green from the master bedroom.
The master closet. Dad was busy doing all the cut in work around the ceiling.
The laundry room.
The only room yet to be painted - the play room/craft room. Nick set it up as his clear coat room. He's working on clear coating the cabinets as they are completed. Here he's also been working on the closet shelves.
Ice was coming down while we were working today, so slipped out to take a few pictures.
The first time for us to have winter weather on our new house.
There are still a few coats left to be done on the walls, then we'll be painting trim and doors. Cabinets will be going in as they are finished and plumbing for sinks, toilets, etc. will come as that happens too. Things are coming together and our move won't be too far in the distance!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Visit, A Fairy House, And A Birthday

We had the privilege to enjoy a visit from my twin niece and nephew a couple of weeks ago.
Here they're building a block castle.
Everybody pile on Gram!
The girls hangin' out in the box. Maybe it's the chatterbox (HA!).
The boys ridin' in their cars.
Selene and Sabrina like the trampoline.
My mom got us all working to gather materials to build Selene a fairy house. My mom and I had the best time putting it together. I'm so making one for Sabrina someday. Mom found two baskets at a thrift shop and we glued them on top of each other.
Bark door, stone path, sweet gum ball bushes.
Acorn shingle roof, rock chimney.
A close up of the curtained windows and lichen window boxes.
Selene seemed to really like it.
Chillin' watching a movie
The boys sporting their cute hats at church.
Xander struck a pose for me.
While the kids were here, we celebrated my birthday with a little family get together.
We had a really great time.
We enjoyed the kiddos and look forward to their next visit.

Friday, February 13, 2015

We're Floored!

It's been a looooong, tedious journey with this stinkin'- er um delightful floor. Now remember, our floors are tongue and groove knotty pine wood floors that Nick was going to stain and seal himself. It is also our subfloor. Nick has put in so many hours researching, purchasing, and plain old working to make our floors the best they can be. After almost two months of this, they are finally completed.
And they're worth every minute of it.
Let's be honest, they are gorgeous!
It's hard to get the full effect in a photo; they are so much prettier in real life.
They are so smooth, yet you can see all the character that the rustic wood has to offer. It'll be easy to clean.
The kids were already putting it to the test.
Now it's my turn to get involved. Painting is the next step, and that's my area. Can't wait to see all my colors! They will really make the house come to life for me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Run A Mocc! Sabrina's New Moccasins

I love moccasins.
I bought some, lost them, then bought some more. I made some for Sabrina when she was a baby out of faux suede. I've been dying to get her some here recently, because they go with everything!
That's how much I love moccasins.
So, determined that I could find some leather for a good price, I began searching the internet for moccasin patterns for kids. I finally found a tutorial that I liked and followed (mostly):
The main things I did differently is that instead of elastic I made mine to tie at the top, and I added a foam sole to give her foot more protection from rocks, etc.
Best part: I got the leather for free.
Nick's grandma had some in her closet from when his grandpa shot a deer years ago. There were just some small scraps, perfect for little kid shoes. Score!!
So, it wasn't as simple as find the stuff, make it. I had to re-size the pattern to be bigger for Sabrina. Took some doing, but I miraculously got it right the first time. I made a mock mocc to make sure it would fit and set to work! They have turned out so much better than I could have imagined!
I had to make them two-toned because there wasn't enough of the lighter color to make the whole thing. I love it though, it's very unique.
This is what I used to make the inner sole. It's just craft foam, but it makes all the difference when walking around outside.
A close up of them on her feet.
Soooo cute!
My little trendy girl.
She really does love dressing up and looking cute. Good thing since she's just so cute and she's got a momma that can't help but dress her up!