Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Visit, A Fairy House, And A Birthday

We had the privilege to enjoy a visit from my twin niece and nephew a couple of weeks ago.
Here they're building a block castle.
Everybody pile on Gram!
The girls hangin' out in the box. Maybe it's the chatterbox (HA!).
The boys ridin' in their cars.
Selene and Sabrina like the trampoline.
My mom got us all working to gather materials to build Selene a fairy house. My mom and I had the best time putting it together. I'm so making one for Sabrina someday. Mom found two baskets at a thrift shop and we glued them on top of each other.
Bark door, stone path, sweet gum ball bushes.
Acorn shingle roof, rock chimney.
A close up of the curtained windows and lichen window boxes.
Selene seemed to really like it.
Chillin' watching a movie
The boys sporting their cute hats at church.
Xander struck a pose for me.
While the kids were here, we celebrated my birthday with a little family get together.
We had a really great time.
We enjoyed the kiddos and look forward to their next visit.

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