Friday, February 13, 2015

We're Floored!

It's been a looooong, tedious journey with this stinkin'- er um delightful floor. Now remember, our floors are tongue and groove knotty pine wood floors that Nick was going to stain and seal himself. It is also our subfloor. Nick has put in so many hours researching, purchasing, and plain old working to make our floors the best they can be. After almost two months of this, they are finally completed.
And they're worth every minute of it.
Let's be honest, they are gorgeous!
It's hard to get the full effect in a photo; they are so much prettier in real life.
They are so smooth, yet you can see all the character that the rustic wood has to offer. It'll be easy to clean.
The kids were already putting it to the test.
Now it's my turn to get involved. Painting is the next step, and that's my area. Can't wait to see all my colors! They will really make the house come to life for me.


  1. YEAAAA! This is the most beautiful wood floor that i have ever seen!!
    congratulations on a job well done and enJOY!!