Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Settling In To The Settlement: The Return Home

We are finally home.
On May 31 we moved into our new house. We had been away from home for almost exactly a year and a half (May 29). We are so glad to be back out here, enjoying the quiet and solitude of our 25 acres.
We have been slowly working on getting the house set up, but there is much left to do. Nick's job has hit it's busiest season, so he's been unable to work on extra projects around the house. Our garden has also started it's busy time, and I've been swamped with tasks involving our homegrown produce. We've also made trips to the local peach orchards and blueberry fields.
Here are a few pictures from around the house. I haven't included a lot of great details partly because things aren't finished and partly because I'd rather people come visit me than give a virtual tour. I'll post more specifics as projects are completed.
Our living room ceiling. The tin turned out perfect.
Sorry the picture is fuzzy. I've never claimed to be a photographer.
Our master bathroom. One of the most completed rooms.
Our closet. I filled it up just fine, ha ha!
Our least finished room: the studio. Just needs some paint and baseboards. Hopefully I'll get to it soon because I'm going to need it!
The kids playing in Ryder's room. I'll be doing a post on the racing stripes on his wall later. Sabrina's room is still needing to be set up, so she's not sleeping in it yet.
Eating our first dinner: Nachos.
Eating our first breakfast.
Ridin' trikes.
Bathtime! They love their new bathroom.
We've enjoyed some fun times too in between all the craziness.
The twins came to visit here recently. All the kids had fun together and loved sportin' their new shades!
We went up to the peach orchards to enjoy some scenery and ice cream. Here the kids are checking out the tractor fountains.
They have all kinds of cool vehicles sitting around. Ryder loved the fire truck.
My little Brina. The sign says, "Watch for gators." Eeesh.
Sabrina loves her some ice cream.
Ryder gets serious about his ice cream.

Taking a break in the wagon at the blueberry fields.
Sweaty but successful.
Ryder got a special opportunity to fly in some airplanes again. He and Nick had a great time. Thanks Aunt Jessie!
We are settling in well and loving the new house. It is busy now, but we'll get to enjoy some great times here.