Thursday, January 9, 2014

One Day At A Time

The rebuilding process is coming along.
Okay so it's not that slow, but it feels like it sometimes. It's hard when you are used to having your own home and now you're in someone else's, even when that someone else's home is excellent.
It's still not yours.
However, the more I go out there, the less it hurts, and the more it's exciting. Nick and his family and some friends have cleaned up out there, and really made it look so much better. They've also been working on the new shed.
Truthfully I've only been out there three times since the fire. My job has been more making a home where we're at and taking care of the kids. I didn't want Ryder out there until the house was cleaned up for safety and possible psychological reasons.
The house is officially gone.
Clean slab. Ready for the future. Sabrina was checking out the view.
The new shed!
The idea is that we need to finish the new shed so we have a dry place to keep material, etc. Also, the new house is going where the old shed is, so everything has to be moved to the new shed.
The drying process of the slab inside the shed.
Ryder loving the new space. He loved going out there today.
New ventures in the babes world. Sabrina is started eating solid foods!
She's a great eater already!
Sucking those fingers!
She and Ryder are such great buds. Here he's reading to her.
We're getting along well, and looking toward our future. It won't be too long and the house itself will taking shape. Thanks to all who have been supporting us through everything.


  1. Great to get to visit you and Ryder and Sabrina today. I hadn't seen this post until now. Looks like things are getting together. Thanks for the update. Bonnie and Pete

  2. wow. awesome.
    and awesome progress on the place.
    it is still your place... just another layer.
    :) love you