Friday, February 7, 2014

"I Hear The Drizzle Of The Rain..."

" a memory it falls."
Just enjoying a cappuccino on a drizzly day while the kids are napping and my music is playing.
Makes me feel all warm inside, like I can close my eyes and picture my view of the pond at home.
Ironically, the crackle of the fire in the stove is comforting too.
There is peace.
For now.
Give it a half hour and fabulous whirlwind #2 will be raring to go.
Anyone else tired of being sick? Anyone? Anyone? We have been plagued with yet another sickness here in the last week or so, a nasty cold bug. I'm still sleeping in the recliner in the living room. But at least I'm SLEEPING! We're doing better but it's still reminding us here and there that it will get it's revenge someday, in a year or so.
So, fun news! Sabrina got her ears pierced!!
She was lookin' so cute that I had to do a little photo session!
Notice the moccasins? So cute right? I've been loving all the pictures on pinterest of little girls in their moccasins. Since I refuse to pay an arm and a leg for shoes she'll outgrow in a couple of months, I decided to make them myself. Success! Unfortunately I did not document my process so no diy post for those, but I have a couple of posts coming up in the future, when I actually finish the crafts. It's hard when you suddenly have nothing. I'm so used to just having crafty stuff stocked but now I have to replace everything. And you never can remember everything at once, you always go,"oh yeah, I need that," and, "oh yeah I don't have that anymore." It's a gradual process and I will win.
My birthday was last week. Nick got me my cappuccino machine! Oh yes! Loving the coffee!! And the Beatles. This would be my buddy icon back in the aim days :)
Ryder is growing up too fast. He's too smart for his own good so unfortunately potty training is still in a sabbatical. I might revisit the idea after his cousins' visit in a few weeks.
House progress report: the spot for the new house has been cleared and is ready for the foundation.
Nick has been super busy this week with work so he hasn't had a chance to get back out there.
It's hard to see what's going on in a picture, but trust me, it's exciting.
Little by little things are coming together. I can't wait to see some real construction for the house go up; it will make it so real! Will keep updating as things start happening.

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