Friday, August 22, 2014

Beach Bummin' On The Bolivar Peninsula

We usually like to travel often throughout the year. With recent events including our house burning down and the presence of our young baby girl, we basically have been home bound for the last several months. My husband has been dying to go somewhere, and finally we took the plunge and went on a little mini vacation to the Texas coast.
We stayed in a little bitty town called High Island, just a bit north of Galveston. It's part of the Bolivar Peninsula, and has great little beaches with no crowds (of course we were there during the week so that might explain the lack of people on the beach).
Ryder jumped right in to the water.
The first night we found a little local place to eat (not the best but it was food) and then headed out to enjoy a sunset on the beach.
Sabrina was loving the water too.
Totally at home on the beach.
The next day after breakfast we headed out for a morning of play. We enjoyed riding the waves and looking for shells. But after a couple of hours and obtaining some good sunburns, we decided to head back to the motel for lunch.
The motel we stayed at was a great little place. It was old but clean and well kept. They had a wonderful pool that we enjoyed several times.
After naptime/Nick's exploratory cruising, we went back out to have dinner on the beach. Here's Nick cooking our hot dogs on his spunky little fire.
Eating on the um the trunk...?
Sun-kissed cuties - and Mommy.
As always when eating at the beach, we were visited by the local seagulls. One had a bad eye and Nick was able to distract it and catch it. He let it go with a snack.
After dinner it was time to play!
Enjoying nature's lazy river with the low tide. Ryder's doing his Michael Jackson impression in the background.
Feel the salty breeze.
Nick went spotlighting later that night but didn't have much to report. All the critters were on vacation too I guess.
The next day we headed home, but took a very lazy pace. We stopped by The Anahuac Wildlife Refuge to see the alligators. Unfortunately we saw no alligators but were instead met with fierce deer flies that wanted to consume our flesh! At least that's how I felt about it.
There were beautiful swampy grasslands, despite the deer flies.
We enjoyed our family time at the beach and just hangin' out together somewhere new. I imagine we'll be back someday, probably sooner than later. Looking forward to our next trip to the beach!

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