Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fourth of July and More!

Over the fourth of July holiday, we got to enjoy another visit from our favorite twins!

Sabrina was so patriotic in her little outfit. 11 months old!
All four kids loved Gram's $8 swimming pool.
The grandkids and Gram!
Loving the lake!
The fireworks were loud!
Later that week we went to the Discovery Science Place. The kiddos had so much fun with all the interesting exhibits.
Playing on the pirate ship!
Xander's turn.
Looking through the peep hole!
Magnet building fun!
Rolling the balls around and around!
They had the coolest build your own magnetic pipe course. Selene is rolling the balls through.
They have a neat news/TV exhibit. Here Ryder is giving the latest headlines.
Selene and Xander running their cooking show.

They had cameras and monitors set up so the kids could see themselves on the TV.
Smile! Your on TV!
Ryder: camera operator.
Playing in the toddler area. Selene and Sabrina were bonding.
The best part was the large exhibit of a small town. Including a bank, vet, café, city hall, clinic and best of all, a mini Brookshire's.
Selene's got a cart full!
Ryder driving the fire engine!
This visit was fun, but unfortunately we had a round of sickness run through a few of us that Sabrina is still trying to kick. So, we didn't get to do much else after the Discovery Science Place, but we managed to enjoy the time we could. Looking forward to their next visit!

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