Sunday, January 6, 2013

Distressed Red Dresser Changing Table

I'm back!!

The morning sickness seems to have passed and I'm looking forward to getting back into the game!

This is a dresser that I worked on quite a while ago, but only recently put the final touches on it. I got it at a thrift shop for - oh yeah - $5! It did have termite damage, but it's solid wood and it's the perfect height for a changing table. I was needing one for my son's room upstairs. So I decided to fix it up and make it awesome!

It was pretty rough.

Nick filled in the termite damage so the top is now smooth.

I started out by putting on a gray primer coat. You want to use gray for a primer when you're planning on painting something red.

Ta-da! The finished product!
(Apparently I didn't take pictures when I did the rest of the painting.)

I gave it two coats of red paint before doing the black wash. I watered down black paint and brushed it on. Almost immediately I wiped it off with a rag. You almost have to do a feathery sponge-like motion to keep it from making lines.

Add some beautiful knobs, a changing pad, and a nifty wipe holder and you've got the best changing table/dresser ever!

I found the little wood caddy at a resale shop for $2. I had Nick remove the handle, then I gave it the same finish as the dresser. He screwed it on, and bam! Perfect wipe holder.

Close up of the finish.

Before and After.


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