Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Raising The Roof - Plus Family Visit

The time has finally come.
We have a roof on our house.
Even though this is a metal roof, it took a little more time to complete because of the gable. But now it's finished and looks great!
Here's a better picture of the actual roof. It's hard to get a picture of it because the house is so tall!
A picture of our crew in the process of putting the roof on (crew being my father-in-law, brother-in-law and of course Nick).
Nick and Ryder scoping out the covered deck!
It's a big deck!
We got to enjoy the company of my niece and nephew recently when they came to stay with my mom for a week.
At Tiger Creek with Aunt Jacque.
Ridin' with Uncle Nick.
He's always the favorite. I can't imagine why.
Scarfing down dinner after a busy day of play.
Bike time!
Wow! He can jump high! Xander's such a good sport!
Gram pushing Ryder in the car. Many turns taken by the kiddos.
Selene enjoying the other car. Notice all the toys Gram has for them? So much fun to be had outside these days.
Sabrina gets a turn in the car!
A typical picture of my baby girl: gorgeous.
We enjoyed a special weekend with the twins' parents as well. All in all it was a wonderful visit and I know Ryder can't wait to see them again!
Here's a couple of special pictures from this week.
"Love In Starbucks."
They are so precious and love each other so much!
Sabrina is crawling! It's official! She just started yesterday. She's been combat crawling since she was 7 months, but it took 2 months to get up off that belly! She's growing up so quick! 9 months!
The house is steadily coming along, but it's slow because Nick has been working more with his job. It won't be long and we'll be hiring some stuff out. There will be a house out there soon!

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