Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Short Travels: Crystal Beach and Beaver's Bend

We had the pleasure to do a little traveling here lately. Nothing real fancy, but there were some fun times and photo worthy moments.
First we went camping at Crystal Beach, down near Galveston. We stayed in our pop-up camper in a park, so you could say we had it a little easy.

Waking up in the pop-up. The kids love camping. Here they are looking out to a pond at the RV park we stayed in.
Good morning!
We got to see some family as well as friends while we were there.
Sabrina was totally into it. Last time we were at the beach in October she didn't seem to care for it so much. Amazing how they grow.
Ryder's always loved the beach. His excitement was apparent.
Beach toys!
Daddy and daughter.
Pushin' trucks. That's some quality time.
Here Ryder and Uriah are removing the water from the fire pit. The kids had so much fun with their friends! We all had a good time together.
Sabrina hangin' with Faith. Those girls sure liked them some apples.
It's a kid pirate ship!
Sabrina's face is about how I felt most the weekend. I'm not a big camper and the weather was a little disagreeable at times.
The beach sure is beautiful. It was a fun weekend, definitely memorable.
Yesterday, May 4, was our 7 year anniversary. To celebrate, Nick and I went on a long weekend trip up to Broken Bow, Oklahoma. It's the same place we went for our honeymoon, and we've always dreamed about going back.

The first day we just went driving around taking in all the gorgeous scenery. We drove up to a place where Nick and his family used to camp out years ago. We were actually at a campout together one year there but didn't really know each other at the time. They are no longer in business, but it was cool to take a walk down memory lane.
Beautiful hills and rivers.
Just awesome.
There were yellow flowers blooming in all the pastures. There was beauty everywhere we went.
We went driving down a random back road and found this cool steel bridge.
It's neat to find something unexpected. We spent so much time on this bridge trying to get this picture.
Nick was going to run off with the sign, but I talked him out of it. Just kidding, he was fixing it.
Another random stop. Nick said he and his cousins used to float in the water under this road when they were kids. Looks a little intimidating right now because the water was so high.
Standing above the falls that are further up the river from the road.
The re-regulation dam. It's just as cool as a regular waterfall.
Of course, Nick had to climb up on top.
We went walking on a little nature trail near a creek in the state park.
Nick caught a crawdad. Or few.
7 wonderful years.
We went to watch the sunset at this boat ramp. We noticed the surrounding campsites were underwater. See the grills sticking up?
The next day we went canoeing. The water was high, but the stretch of river we floated was pretty chill. It was definitely a relaxing trip.
River view.
We finished a little early (ahem, hour and a half to be exact). Needless to say we had to kill some time. Nick got him a turtle.
Big foot!
I couldn't resist.
The rest of the trip was pretty much a chillfest. We ate at some cool restaurants, including this local coffee shop where Nick here is looking very thoughtful.
The cabin we stayed in was perfect. Clean and well equipped, we enjoyed our time there.
Our trips were small, but full of experiences. We like to travel and hope to do some more in the near future.

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  1. Love the new hairdo Aubrey. So cute. Glad you guys were able to enjoy your anniversary in such a pretty place.