Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome Crosby

November 17 came and went.

Here I am on my due date.
Big and ready.

On November 22, we welcomed the newest member of our family into the world.

Crosby Wyatt.

He came out with a good healthy cry and a desire to nurse.
At 8lbs 12 oz, he was our biggest newborn so far.

Ryder is totally into his big brother role. He loves to talk to Crosby, and can't wait to play with him.

Sabrina likes him, but is less sure of his purpose. Basically, he's a little boring to her at the moment.

Thanksgiving was two days after Crosby's birth, so my family brought Thanksgiving dinner to us. No cooking for this Mama.

Sporting his turkey day outfit.

First walk to the mailbox. It was a bumpy ride so we cut the walk short.

A couple of weeks later, he's opening his eyes up wide and checking the world out.

Brotherly love.

He loves to love his brother.

The trio!

Bath love.

Hey now! I'm a month old!

Life is good.