Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chillin' In The Springs

Beautiful snow-capped mountains, chilly weather, duck filled ponds.

This can only mean, we're in Colorado.

For Thanksgiving this year, we're spending a wonderful week with Nick's family up in the Rockies.

Ridin' along in the car. It was a looooong drive.

Stopping for lunch.

Nick had to check out the roof at the rest area.

Ryder looking at the windmills.

We took it easy the first day. The rest of the family hadn't made it yet. Ryder got his first contact with snow!

Geese are everywhere! Nick and Ryder were feeding them some crumbs from Ryder's carseat.

So many ducks and geese! Ryder is just beside himself watching them!

When everyone else arrived, the cousins decided it was time to have fun!

We have a great view of the sunset.

Incredible views.

Ryder striking a pose.

Most of the family went skiing today, but we stayed back. I needed to obtain some ski clothes, and succeeded in my endeavor saving some money. Tomorrow we're planning on going up the mountain, and Ryder will stay back with his Grammy and Poppy. Looking forward to a great week!

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