Tuesday, April 30, 2013

6 Months

Nick and I got to enjoy an early anniversary gift to ourselves this weekend. We went to see Jewel in concert Sunday night, and it was incredible. She was so good, and put my attempts to sing her songs to shame. It was just her and her guitar and it was perfect.

We got to go with another couple, our friends/cousins. She was sweet enough to take a few pictures of us to capture the evening and also to document my 6 month pregnancy picture, as I turned 6 months that day. I had my appointment today and everything is going along smoothly.

Almost 5 years!


  1. love the pics! did you make the tunic from pinterest? looks fabulous!!
    love the jewel background~~~
    love jewel.
    love ya'll-
    happy anniversary!!

  2. yes the top came from pinterest, but i can't take credit for it totally because Mom did all the measuring for me since i don't have a form or another person similar in stature.