Sunday, May 5, 2013

First Monday - err, um, Sunday

Around here we have a thing called First Monday Canton Trade Days. It's basically a big flea market type of thing that happens once a month. Sometimes you can find some good deals on stuff, or just unique hand made items that are only sold there. I went with a mission to find some shoes for my son, but alas, failed and was bitterly disappointed.

But not all was lost, we had a really nice family day together, a little tiring perhaps, especially for the under two crowd. We started out with breakfast at a new Ihop location on the way to Canton.

My family LOVES Ihop so we were really excited for this new location.
Ryder's getting the last few drops of our used half and half.

Daddy's turn!

Coloring the "blue truck" that Daddy drew.

While purchasing an item from this particular stand, Ryder discovered the owner's golf cart. She was sweet enough to let him sit on it for a while (he had been obsessing for a good bit over every cart-like thing that passed by us).

Taking a break in the truck.

I have to say, Nick was a superhero today (well, he is most days anyway). He was pretty much in charge of Ryder the entire day, which is no easy feat! Ryder is NOT a stroller kid, so that means carrying him or chasing him down everywhere we went. Plus he was so worn out toward the end. I don't think I've even had to endure such a difficult task in my time as a mother.

As I said, not all was lost. We did have a few successful purchases, including this smaller pressure cooker for $2. Nick was the advocate for this item, and I'm really glad he got it. I realized later that it might end up being used more than our larger one. Actually, Nick was the only one who purchased anything today. Hmm, I must not be doing Canton right...

Our 5 year anniversary was yesterday, and all in all I think it's been a very enjoyable weekend. We had a nice dinner together last night, and I believe we both loved our family time today. Happiness and quality time comes in different forms for different people.

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