Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fourth of July Twin Visit

This last week we had a wonderful visit with my niece and nephew. We got to enjoy the first week of Summer Reading as well as the Fourth of July with them.

We spent the 4th at the lake.

The kids had so much fun playing on the "beach." Dad wanted a picture of me with my patriotic headband.

Xander is quite the fish! He is such a good swimmer.

Selene even showed Pops how she could doggie paddle!

The kids loved playing on the big tube! Uncle Nick and Pops made it more fun by spinning it around!

The boys playing in the mud.

We took the twins for their first boat ride! Selene was enjoying it with Gram.

While they don't look it, the boys had fun too.

Uncle Nick drove the boat.

After a brief rest at the house (naptime), we came back out for dinner. Here is proof that Selene rode on the four wheeler! This is big because she wouldn't go near it last time they visited. She enjoyed it too!

Yummy eats!

Uncle Nick lit some fireworks for us!


Ridin' the hot dog!

Fish! Or "shish" as Xander would say.

Let's touch the fish!

Uncle Nick and Pops caught fish to play with.

The next day we just played. Ryder and Xander loved jumping on the trampoline.

Xander already figured out how to swing on the swing!

That night, July 5, we got to see the fireworks show over the lake. Nick's Uncle George took us all out on the boat so we were right up to the fireworks on the water. The kids had so much fun seeing all the different fireworks and riding on the boat. They got enjoy a lot of neat experiences this time, and we can't wait to see them in September for the Feast!

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  1. how fun! they will love these pics when the get bigger!
    Aub- you look GREAT!!!!