Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Home Stretch

Yep, I'm still here.

Still pregnant.

Waiting for that fateful time that the baby decides it's time to come out.

I wish it would choose to do so sooner. I'm beyond ready, for many things, including finding out if we're going to have a little boy or girl. Most are guessing girl, but we'll see soon.

Right around the time I turned 8 months, my friend took some really nice pictures of our family. She did such an awesome job, I'm so thrilled to have these amazing pictures to remember this time. She's also going to be taking my newborn pictures too. Here's a glimpse of some of my favorites.

This one catches Ryder so well.

I love living in the country.

Quite the belly.

I've also been busy lately canning. The garden is producing a little late this year, but I've been able to get quite a bit done anyway.

Blackberry jam (from our garden) and pickled banana peppers. I've also made peach and strawberry jam.

Pickled okra.
My first batch of banana peppers didn't turn out very well, so I tried a different recipe. I haven't gotten to try them out yet, still waiting for them cure. Same for this okra. The next thing I'll try (if the baby doesn't come before) is pickled jalapenoes.

My home grown tomatoes!

Turned to salsa. I've gotten three batches of salsa from my home grown tomatoes. I'm still getting tomatoes, so I might try drying them, if I get to it.

So anyway, you'd think after all this work that the baby would just be raring to get here, but, he/she is just going to take his/her time I guess. It will get here sooner or later. Looking forward to it!!

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