Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ryder Ridin' High!

Ryder loves the movie Planes.
It was the first movie he ever saw in the theaters and ever since he has had a definite fascination with airplanes. Lucky for him, he has an aunt who is a pilot. He's gotten to try his hand at flying airplanes on a simulator, and he's pretty good at it for a 2.5 year old.
Today, he got to fly in a real airplane.
Accompanied by his dad and his aunt, Ryder got to have an amazing experience that few ever really get to enjoy.
Sportin' his aviator jacket and headset.
Daddy was having fun too!
Peeking out at the world below.
Such a view.
That's the face of a kid who had a blast!
And this is what happens on the way home.


  1. How fun! Where did he get the perfect jacket for the occasion??!! He sure was dressed the part!!

  2. I don't remember where he got it, it was one that was given to us amongst some nice clothes. so sweet though!