Sunday, March 2, 2014

Camping In Tyler State Park

We had planned to go camping this weekend.
Then we decided, oh, maybe not.
Then, at the very last possible moment, we decided, well, sure!
So we went camping.
We decided to go somewhere close so we chose Tyler State Park. This was the first time I have ever camped there; my only other visit to this park was a bike ride that I'd just as soon forget (I am not an extreme bicyclist). But upon an extended stay to this particular park, I have found it to be quite nice. They have many trails and a lovely lake where anyone can fish, rent paddle boats, and play on their dandy playground. We had lovely weather this weekend so it just made it super nice.
Recently, my aunt and uncle moved to the area. They were(are) big campers and had this awesome little pop up camper that Nick couldn't help but dream about having one just like it. Well, they were super sweet and traded this nifty little camper for Nick doing some work for them. So awesome! We are so happy to have this little thing! Needless to say, Nick has been itching to try it out, so we did.
Ryder enjoying the great outdoors.
Walking some trails. Sabrina couldn't help but watch Ryder and me.
With a little one that requires carrying everywhere you go, it's hard to do much trail walking. Next time maybe.
The playground at the park was very nice. Ryder absolutely loved it! We took him there three times. He got to meet all kinds of kids and went down the slides a million times.
Sabrina going down the slide!
(I don't know that she liked it that much.)
Getting ready for bed in the camper.
Nick always looks good.
(Let's just say that camping doesn't breed glamour in my case.)
We enjoyed this weekend so much; the weather and, frankly, space from technology. We needed this time together as a family.
More updates on the house coming soon!

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  1. I love your posts so much. Love you guys!!!