Friday, September 12, 2014

From Hubcap To Racer Clock

So recently I finished a small project that's been sitting around for a while. Okay, my husband and I finished it up, but none the less, it's something that has turned out to be really cool.
Racer clock!
In our new house, the theme for Ryder's room is going to be "Things That Go." Planes, trains, and cars will be the name of the game. This will go perfectly with the color scheme as well as his new theme.
It all started with an old hubcap. My mom was at our local thrift shop and the guy taking her money let her have it for free. She thought it could be used for something in Ryder's new room, so she gave it to me. That was when my clock idea was born.
You know, it's funny, Nick gave me a lot of flack about this little hubcap. Probably because I left it lying around outside the house for a couple of months. I have to admit, there's not much that's more redneck-ish than having old hubcaps lying around. He also wondered how I could possibly make an old hubcap look cool. But this weekend I finally got to cleaning the grease off the back and and it was time to paint, paint, paint!
After giving it a nice primer coat of gray, I gave it two good coats of red paint. After ample drying time, I begged Nick to help me out by drilling a hole in the middle.
Now the clock I bought was pretty cool to start with. I spent about $12 on it. I bought it with this project in mind so the bulk-less style of it was perfect.
As you can see, I had Nick drill a hole in the middle of the hubcap the size of the base on the back of the clock.
All we needed now was a little glue. By this time Nick was getting into the project so he took it upon himself to do the gluing for me. I am a master of manipulation when it comes to projects, heh.
After letting the glue cure overnight, this is what we ended up with! An awesome clock, worthy of hanging in a little boy's room.
And that is how you make an old hubcap look cool.

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