Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nautical Celebration And Some Good Ol' Times

 A few weeks back (actually it's gettin' on a month now) my niece and nephew came for another visit. It was shortly after their 4th birthday, so my mom wanted to have a little birthday celebration for them here with the family.
Selene loves The Little Mermaid, Xander loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so what could be better than a combo theme that goes nautical?
Mom's festive birthday display.
Selene in her mermaid costume.
Xander in his Jake costume.
I made Ryder a Peter Pan costume and they all were decked out for the day! Here they are holding hands pretending to fly!
Peter Pan (Ryder) sitting on his four wheeler.
A little summer fun in the sprinkler on the trampoline!
Sabrina and Selene playing in the sandbox.
Dinner included an octopus hotdog over a sea of mac n cheese and sprinkled with cheddar whales!
The kids loved it of course.
After dinner, it was time to open presents!!
Xander checking out his pirate set.
Selene excited by her Barbie doll.
Cake time! Or more appropriately, cupcake time!
Finishing the day off with some popcorn and a movie.
We did a lot of just hangin' out after the birthday celebration, but one day we did return to the Discovery Science Place in Tyler. Here are a few photos from our fun 3 hours there.
Ryder loves that fire truck!
Grocery shopping at the little Brookshire's. Sabrina pushed that grocery cart all over the place.
Time to check out.
Xander and Selene working at the bank - just like Daddy!
Xander climbing the rock wall. He was actually really good at it!
We had a good time this visit, as always. Next time the whole family will be together. Should be a lot of fun times and hopefully some good pictures. Looking forward to it!

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