Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Snowy Days In The Mountains

Everyone loves to get away sometimes. We had a special (last second) opportunity to go spend a week up in Colorado. It was such a nice reprieve from the everyday, and it was fun to spend some time with family. Special thanks to Nick's Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Pete for spending the week with us and making it that much more enjoyable!
It was a long drive. Here is Ryder in his PJ Mask mask. This kid weathers those long trips without a hitch.
Sabrina in her PJ Mask mask. She handles the trip pretty well too, but she gets a little more antsy than brother.
On the way up, we stopped by Echo Amphitheater in New Mexico. The surroundings were impressive.
Gorgeous scenery.
There's a trail that leads back the amphitheater. Along the way, Ryder pointed out to Sabrina all the animal poop strewn across the path. The ever helpful brother.
Ryder climbing around. Soon after this picture was taken he fell off this log and was quite devastated. Our stop ended shortly.
Sunrise view from our condo.
View of the mountains.
San Juan River running through the middle of town.
We took a walk around the river. There are many natural sulphur springs coming up out of the ground everywhere, so the air is full of the, um, wonderful smell.
Climbing the rocks.
Throwing rocks.
Hangin' with my baby.
A close up of one of the sulphur pools. They have hot tubs and pools set up for people to swim in here and there around town. We went to one pool that was great because it was cool enough for the kids to enjoy. The only things is you smell like sulphur for days.
The kids playing on the ice near our condo. They liked the snow, but neither really wanted to sled. Oh well, more sledding for Mommy.
We wen to see this neat looking park/museum, but I think it is typically a summer attraction. Anyway, they had some cool stuff sitting around here and there.
I thought it was funny to see so much snow in a water trough. Perhaps even funnier that the kids felt the need to climb on it.
We went walking around a less developed part of the river. Things were a little less passable because of the snow, but it was fun to see some of the scenery.
Daddy playing on the big slabs of ice...
...setting a bad example for the kiddos.
Mommy and Sabrina!
We love climbing on rocks!
There is a really neat Wildlife Park just outside of town. They feed the animals and give you a tour, and let you feed some of the more docile animals. The kids had a good time. Here they are looking at one of the wolves.
Checking out the bull elk. Ryder is standing in front of one of the elk's old antlers; that's how big this thing was!
Sabrina managed to make a friend while we were there. This little girl took Sabrina under her wing and showed her around. It was so cute.
Nick went snowboarding with his parents one day, so I hung out with the kids. I wanted them to pose in front of this sulphur fountain, and this is the pose I got from Ryder. Always a captain.
Pose number two.
Sabrina cuddling her Poppy after his long day on the slopes.
We decided to book it home in one day, so we took a less laid back pace. No fun pictures in that. But the trip was so enjoyable, the kids had a good time exploring a new place. Next time they go we'll get them up on the slopes!

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