Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Babies And Chicks

We have new additions to our family.
Or farm. However you want to put it.
We have chicks! We came home from Colorado and decided to get chicks. This was the day we brought them home. The kids were so excited.
We also got a couple of ducks: Max and Quackers. We let them out every once and a while to play in the rain puddles around our house. They are growing really fast.
Sabrina is watching them closely.
Sabrina absolutely loves the chicks. She can't get enough of holding them, even though they would really rather her not hold them.
We started out with eight but now have seven (there was an incident with the duck pool). They are all growing and doing very well. It was amazing how fast they all got named. We have Miles, Chip, Toni(y), Silverchick, Star, Sunny, and Midnight.
She will literally kiss and nuzzle these little birds.
We also have some big news.
We are expecting baby number 3!
We are so blessed, and so looking forward to meeting this new addition in November!

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