Tuesday, May 24, 2016

3 Months: Cruisin' On Caddo Lake

I'm baaaaack...!
Morning sickness got the best of me the last two plus months, so I've been doing very little and posting even less. However, the nausea seems to be winding down and I'm back in the saddle again ("I'm BAAACK!" [Aerosmith voice]), at least for the most part.
The baby is doing well, growing and doing whatever else a three month old fetus does in the womb. We've heard the heartbeat and it's good and strong. We haven't discussed names but we have a little time for that. He/She is also starting to make his/her appearance.
It may seem small, but that bump is growing every day, I know it is!
With my recent re-entry to life, we have enjoyed some fun outings already, including a trip to beautiful Caddo Lake in Uncertain, TX.
Goofing around while Daddy gets the canoe ready.
Ready for action!
Smile Daddy!
Playing in the water. I couldn't help but be concerned for the safety of their fingers from who knows what critter could be in this water.
Hammin' it up.
Selfie with my baby girl.
Gorgeous scenery.
The water was high and the weather was perfect.
The Cypress trees were dripping with Spanish moss.
Our turn to paddle!
We had an enjoyable trip with just our family, but later in the week Nick took out some of his extended family who were visiting from Canada. I didn't make it on this trip but I heard it was a good time.
(Thanks to Lechelle for the pictures!)
Apparently this is his new camera face.
Boat ride!
Fun times!
Group shot! We've got a boat load!
Grandma, Keith and Amanda.
Grandpa and Amanda.
Ryder looking like the most serious boat driver ever. Trevor was making sure he was doing it right.
Sabrina's turn!

Caddo Lake is a beautiful place to visit. We usually like to go there at least once a year. In the fall, all the Cypress trees turn orange and the chinquapins are ready to harvest. It's a natural lake, unique in many ways. Worth the trip!

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