Monday, July 11, 2016

4 Months: Fathers, Fourths, And Furry Kitties

So I'm a little late in getting this post out, but I guess you could say better late than never. Life's been busy, and when that happens, you get big clumped posts.

We enjoyed our Father's Day very much with my dad. Since Father's Day fell so close to my 4 month mark, I thought a picture with Dad would be appropriate. Of course, Ryder had to jump in there too. He adores Pops.

You can't take us anywhere.

The kids had fun playing in the little pool the rest of the day.

Slides are awesome.

I was told that my Dad picture didn't show off my belly well enough so we took another bump picture.

We have a new family member.

Meet Pepperjack.

The kids of course think he's the greatest thing ever.

He really has become Sabrina's little baby.

We lost one of our other kitties (Parker) to unknown causes, and Poquito hasn't been the same since. So we knew we had to get him a friend. Thankfully they have become fast friends and play and sleep together all the time. They actually are uncle and nephew so they are still related!

Here's some fun times pictures.

When you don't have a pool, and it's way too hot outside, you get resourceful. Behold our redneck pool setup!

Water slide!

A nice bus seat cushion works as a float/board thing.

Of course we have to have two slides.

It worked great for Jasper...

...not so well for Nick.

The kids had so much fun that day, and we have filled up the one large cattle trough more than once since. Don't worry, our pool is on it's way.

The twins came for a visit here recently. We took them to the peach orchard and the splash pad.

Everyone squeeze onto the car!

Make a face!

On the Fourth of July we went to the splash pad.

Never ending fun to be had!

They got to go visit the ducks at the lake too. I have no idea where my child gets it from.

Summer is in full swing and we are enjoying all the warm times we can!

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