Wednesday, August 3, 2016

5 Months: Plus Some Project Renewals

Well I'm late getting this posted again. What else is new.

I'm 5 months along!

Well technically I'm 5 1/2 months now, but close enough. Last week we went up to the peach orchard with Nick's aunt Lori from Canada. While we were there, we got a nice belly shot.

It's really sticking out there!

Here's more of a side shot.

He/she is quite the mover and shaker. I can't believe I'm already more than halfway through; this pregnancy (or well, this trimester anyway) has really blown by. It doesn't show signs of slowing down either, we have Ryder starting school plus the Feast coming up. Then bam! It'll be baby time!

Here are a couple of projects we (called Nick) just completed in getting ready for the baby.

We bought a bunk bed for Ryder's room this winter. It was originally white. Unfortunately, I never got a before shot. We brought it home in pieces and never set it up after that. Finally it's finished and ready for use! Fits his "things that go" themed bedroom.

For Sabrina's room, I bought a bed frame along with a whole bedroom set that has been scattered around the house.

Here is the bed in it's original state. It, like the other pieces in the collection, came covered in some kind of greasy poly substance.

A close up of the nastiness.

The inner part was the worst.

After I cleaned it, it looked much better.

That stuff was not easy to take off.

Wow it was dirty.

Now enough of the before...

Here is the after!

Glammed out in orange with her fancy new comforter. She's officially in her big girl bed!

Now we get to paint the crib!! Taking steps toward the new arrival. I've been working on lots of baby things and can't wait to show them off!

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