Sunday, August 28, 2016

PJ Mask Birthday Bash!

As has been mentioned before, my kiddos share a birthday. So when we start thinking of a theme for their birthday party, sometimes we have to get creative. Well they made it easy for us this year. They both wanted PJ Mask!

You may not have heard of this show before, but it is on Disney Junior and has become a huge favorite among not only our kids, but my niece and nephew as well. It's about three kids who turn into super heroes at night while wearing their pajamas. Personally, I find the show unbearable at times, its simplicity almost painful, but the kids can't get enough of it.

The front of the invitation.
This is the kids' copy, so it's been well loved.

Back of the invitation.

The decorations were rather simple looking this year, however they were not simple to get to this point. We changed locations this year because of alligators issues at the lake, so we had some new kinks to work out as far as decorating goes.

Did I say the decorations were simple? My mom knocked it out with these awesome emblems...

...and amazing logo. Without these, things would have been pretty boring.

I turned the cupcake tower into the PJ Mask headquarters. By the time this picture was taken, a lot of the cupcakes were already melting. It was a pretty hot day.

Romeo's robot chips.

Pick your super power! Fruit and veggie trays with the different powers shown.

Luna liquid!

We had the party at my parents' house, and my mom made these incredible characters as you walked up to their backyard.




My parents just got a huge swimming pool, so this was a big attraction for all the kiddos (and um, adults too).


Sabrina hangin' on! She's such a determined little thing!


Ryder and Selene.

Rebekah about to be launched by Uncle Pat.

My parents set up a kids' table with things to color and make.

Everyone's gotta eat so they can have their second round in the pool!

Birthday boy!

Cupcake time for the birthday girl!

Time to open presents!

Lots of fun stuff! Aunt Missy and Jasper were helping Ryder out.

Grown ups having a nice chillin' time.

Everybody chowin' down.

Ava and Gracie.

Nadia and Journie.

The party was a hit and everyone had a great time!

Days before the party was the kids' actual birthday.
We celebrated by going to Chuck E Cheese.

Yea! Selene and Xander are here!

Sabrina loved the horse riding game!



Happy Birthday to you!

Blurry pictures, but you get the idea.

Cupcake time!

Our kiddos are now 5 and 3! Wow where did the time go?? So much they get to do yet. Ryder has a big year starting school and getting a chance to do many other things. Their birthday was a memorable one this year, they still like to talk about it! With Xander and Selene visiting afterward, it felt like the party lasted all week! I know they can't wait till their birthday next year!


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  2. How did she make the big characters?

  3. How did she make the big characters?

  4. My mom drew and painted the characters on cardboard. She reinforced them with wooden dowels on the back, and them to top it off she sealed them with a clear sealer.