Sunday, May 7, 2017

The First Five Months And Beyond!

Life is moving along.

This post is long; including baby milestones, farm endeavors, and some travel stories.

Prepare yourself.

Two months old! Already such a chunk!

Sabrina is really getting into her sister zone. I love seeing her create her own way of being with her little brother.

Giving kisses!

Sibling shot!

Daddy and his baby boy.

The rolls! Had to capture him in all his rounded glory to immortalize it in the blogosphere.

Mama had a birthday. Shiner needs me to endorse their coffee ale because it has definitely become my favorite.

Birthday gift from Mom and Dad: coffee beer, coffee candy, coffee grinder, coffee infused wine, coffee syrup, and a gift card. Seriously, what an awesome birthday!

3 months!

Love that grin.
And the caterpillar arms.

In March, we went on a company/family trip to the Bolivar Peninsula near Galveston. So much fun to be had on the beach!

Big group of kids riding waves.

Sabrina surfing.

View from the beach house.

Playing in the sand with Grammy.

Proof that Crosby had been to the beach! Needless to say, it was still a little chilly down by the water.

The rascals.

Brother sister.

Chase the seagulls!

Eating up the ice cream before we leave!

Four months!
Rolling from tummy to back, to the left and right!

And a week later rolling from back to tummy!

We have a couple of new additions to our homestead family. 20 chicks have hatched and we have about 36 more in the incubator. We lost all our chickens and ducks from last year, but we're getting serious and giving them a better pen this year. Hopefully we will eventually have eggs!

Nick is getting into bee keeping. We have one hive he acquired from a log, and he has been learning tons about the whole process of keeping bees.

Unleavened Bread came swiftly as ever this year. We enjoyed a lovely Night to Be Much Observed dinner with family.

Steak! Potatoes! Cheeeese!

More cheeeeese!

Five months!
Wobbly-sitting in the boppy.

In love with the guitar.

Happy 9 years!
Anniversary/end of school camping trip included a trip to Waco and of course, Magnolia Market!

Line of kiddos, eight in all!

Playing on the outside turf.
The dads watched kids while the moms went in to shop.

Lots of pretty stuff!

We camped at Fort Parker State Park, just outside of Mexia, TX.
Here Ryder is standing on the fishing pier.

They had a lovely nature center at the park. The kids had fun learning about local wildlife.

Pose with a pelt!

Cousin slide shot!

Baby cousins Sadie and Crosby.

Cooling off in the river.

Mama and Crosby.

Daddy and Crosby.

Crosby's first camping trip!

Family shot at sunset on the pier.

Group shot!
Okay so we went a little crazy with the picture taking this trip.

Guitar time. Crosby loves to hear the guitar.

Sunset at Fort Parker.

Life has been busy as always, but filled with so much fun and fulfilling times.

To many more simple moments!

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