Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Lovin'

Maybe "lovin'" is an exaggeration, but hey, we've got to find love in the simple things, right?

We live in Texas. Summer is hot. Such is life.

There are good things about summer though!

Turning 6 months is a big deal!

Trying solid foods (and hating them) is a milestone too!
We actually had to take a break and try again. He still isn't thrilled with food.

Watching Daddy work on the driveway. Yea no more red clay!

Bath! Love, love, love bath time!

First thing that comes to mind when we think of summer?
Cousin visit!

Cutting out cookies. Our sugar cookies are chocolate around here.

Such a fun activity.

My adventurous girl!

Crosby's first swim in the lake!
He's already such a waterbug.

Lake party!

Or two!

Best part of summer is the swimming!

Lots of water time.

Seven months!
When I took this picture he was just on the verge of crawling. Two days later he was full out crawling. Now he's venturing further and further. Mostly he's crawling, crying, and looking for me. Those stinkin' teeth make you cranky.

New kitty: Taco con Crema Agria.
AKA: Taco.
Unfortunately we lost our Pepperjack this spring. That's the way it goes in the country sometimes I guess. We have given his half brother Taco a home now. He is such a sweetie.

First visit to the peach orchard!

Family shot!
The reality of family picture taking is that it is impossible to get everyone looking at the camera at once.

Fourth of July party!
Multi-tasking - even daddies can do it!


Seven and a half months and already doing this!

We are half way through the summer and there is still so much fun to be had! Who says summers aren't fun? Even though it's hot, we still find ways to have a good time. And stay busy. Always with the busy. We have to remember to slow down and watch the chickens scratch around, listen to the bees in the garden, and the kids screaming their heads off in the next room. 
Some sounds are more soothing than others.

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