Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Calling All Octonauts! A Birthday Celebration.

We enjoyed a special cousin visit that included the kiddos' birthday bash.

Explore! Rescue! Protect!
The food table.

Veggie tray and fruit tray.
I got the cute food signs here.

I thought my "gup of fruit" turned out pretty cute!

The bait was really for me, but everyone seemed to enjoy it!

Buckets of chips!

The birthday boy!
(I didn't get a picture of the birthday girl, she was kind of hard to pin down.)

Gram and Pops with newest grandson, Crosby.

Cousins hangin' on the treehouse.

Kid table!


Our little captain!

The kids had a good time opening presents on their actual birthday.

It was happy chaos.

We went out to the lake for a little boat fun. Crosby loved it when the boat was moving, but when it stopped, the misery of the life jacket became too much.

8 months!
He is everywhere. Walking is just around the corner!

Cousin moment.

/The kids had a great birthday week! And as Mama is secretly boo-hooing about how they are getting older, they continue to grow and show me that there is nothing like watching them turn into the amazing people they will be.

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