Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Life To An Old Chair

Last year we salvaged a wicker loveseat from my great grandmother's old house. It was in relatively decent shape, apart from the color and the smell and the wicker that was coming unwound. Oh and the seat was sinking in. But I knew it could be brought back to life with a coat of paint and a nice cushion. I bought the cushion and then the paint, and then it just sat there. For a year. This big white eyesore on our porch, which is already sporting the unfinished look.

Then last Sunday came. It was a beautiful day, so warm and inspiring. Nick was around, and one of us suggested that we should get that chair painted. So after repairing what I could with the wicker using zip ties, Nick reinforced the seat and got the paint rig set up. We got busy painting. It turned out sooo good!

Unfortunately, I was so sidetracked with setting up that I forgot to take my before picture. I had the camera out and everything. And sadly, we never took a picture with anyone sitting on it. So this is the best I've got so you'll have an idea of the coloring before.

Beautiful! And it's so comfortable now that the seat is fixed and the cushion is new. We can't wait to build our big deck and truly enjoy it!

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