Friday, November 7, 2014

Along The Gulf Shores of Alabama

As I said in my last post, we've been a little busy lately. We spent almost two weeks on a trip with families for the Feast of Tabernacles. The destination this year: Orange Beach, Alabama. We ended up staying in Gulf Shores, but the cities are right next to each other so I imagine the beaches are similar. It felt like a quick trip, probably the fastest Feast we've had in a long time. We stayed with my whole family again, and it was nice to see everyone and get to know my niece and nephew that are still so little.
To start off our trip, we decided to stop in and visit some family in Mississippi. We stopped at a random body of water in Louisiana to eat lunch the first day, and it was quite remote. Interesting in many ways.
Cleco parking area. Nice digs, huh?
The kids liked getting a chance to get out of the car and walk around.
When we arrived at "Uncle" Trevor's house, the kids found this awesome little sand pile and had a ball. We all enjoyed our visit and it was nice to take it easy on our trip.
After a slightly convoluted rest of the trip, we finally were able to get into our beach house and settle in. It was so cool to see everyone, and the anticipation of the week was high.
The beaches are beautiful. Ryder couldn't wait to jump right in.
All the kids get along really well, but Xander and Ryder really hit it off this trip. They were always together, two peas in a pod.
Our house had an amazing backyard filled with wonderfully fun stuff! The heated pool was the biggest hit with everyone. It even had a shallow area for the kiddos.
They also had a hammock area, which the boys decided made the best swings.
We (as in our little family) didn't do a whole lot this trip, but one thing we did was go to the zoo. As always the kids had fun and like feeding and watching the animals.
The boys checking out the alligator.
We rented one of the zoo's wagons to haul all our stuff, but the kids ended up trying to dogpile on it!
The zoo had a mini carousel. They really had more fun than it looks.
As I said, we didn't do a whole lot to speak of. We mostly spent time with everyone, hung out in the pool, and ate a lot of food. We took some fun pictures on the beach one night.
Cold water!
Nick got up early one morning to take some gorgeous sunrise pictures.
It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, especially for the kids, but we had a good time and look forward to the next time we all can see each other.
We headed out and made it home all in one day. Unfortunately, Ryder was sick all the way home.
We stopped at a gorgeous park for lunch. It was so beautiful, we didn't want to leave.
Taking a walk.
Walking around outside of Taco Bell. Gotta get those wiggles out.
We had a good trip, but we miss everyone. Looking forward to our next adventure!

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  1. Love seeing your family enjoying the best things in life - each other and God's playground! From Aunt Catherine :)