Friday, November 28, 2014

Reflecting On The Year After

Thanksgiving brings on many mixed emotions for our family.
On the one hand, it is one of our favorite holidays; a time for us to spend with family and enjoy delicious food.
On the other hand, we are reminded where we were a year ago.
The whole month I've felt the date looming over me, painfully reminding me of how much we lost. All of a sudden it was hard to shake the thoughts of that keepsake, that heirloom, and that special thing that seemed so important before.
While some less than pleasant memories were trudged up, reflecting has been good for me. When I'd start thinking about all that we lost, I'd remind myself of all that we've gained. It's been a back and forth of feelings and emotions as I battle to fight the negativity that seems to accompany this particular anniversary.
In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, I am grateful this year for how far we have come. We are moving along on the house, we are growing and maturing, and we are still a family. We have each other, and we have everyone that has been there for us through this whole process. Thanks to you all.
On another note, we did enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving holiday at my Uncle Frank and Aunt Jacque's house. It was their first Thanksgiving since they moved here, and we were glad to be with them. It was a day filled with work and relaxation. Some helped clean the yard up, some helped with food and kids, some did both.
Sabrina looking as cute as ever.
Pops playing with the grandkids.
Ryder being his feisty self.
Nick cleaning leaves off the roof.
My aunt did an awesome job cooking the turkey and dressing. Here Dad is carving the turkey while still enjoying his hard earned beer.
Play time after a full meal. Pinwheels are the best!
Practice, practice!
As always, the kids are growing with beauty unlike anything else.
Sabrina tromping in her yellow boots.
Tandem trike riding.
Sabrina started using a fork and spoon. She's very good at it, shocking her daddy and me.
Today I was drawn back to our place. The kids and I had so much fun playing down by the pond.
We "fished," went looking for waterfalls, and caught a frog! Quite an exciting hour for us.
Here's a little sneak peek of our house. There's going to be a lot happening in the weeks to come...
See you soon.
*All posts related to our house building journey have now been moved to the category labeled "Back To Home." So if you'd like to take a look at our progress, you can see it all there!

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  1. Aubrey~ you have a deep beauty in these expressions~ thank you for sharing