Thursday, December 4, 2014

Table Renewal and Floral Initial Frame Project

This post is basically going to be a "look what I did" type of thing. I guess to some degree it always is, but I really feel like I'm patting myself on the back for this one.
I got this coffee table at our local thrift shop for $5. Solid wood, metal base. It was kind of bland, a basic wood color. It was also a little worn and slightly abused.
After some sanding, stain and poly, we have a beautiful new table. I also gave the metal base and hardware a fresh coat of paint.
You can't quite tell from these pictures but there were paint splatters of many colors, water rings, and of course the imprint of a missing hinge.
Smooth and clean. You can't even tell there was supposed to be a hinge in the middle.
Part of the top lifts up for storage. There was quite a mess going on in there too.
Clean and beautiful.
There are also two drawers on the bottom. Lots of storage on this thing.
This project was fun, however it took forever because of disagreeable weather conditions. I could have had it done in one week but it took about a month because of rain/cold issues. But it's finished and it's beautiful, ready to go in our new house!
I also had a smaller project that I recently completed that I'm kind of excited about. I had seen the idea for this on pinterest and knew I wanted to make it for Sabrina's room.
A floral initial in a frame. I've seen them even more elegant looking, but I think this will go good in her room.
I started with this ornate frame with a round opening. I got it at our thrift shop for less than $1. I was originally looking for a round frame, but came across this and thought it would work well for this project. (I actually got two of these frames and used the larger of the two. This is actually a picture of the smaller one but it looks identical to the larger one in it's pre-painted state.)
Sabrina's room colors are pink and orange with accents of black. So I painted the outer frame orange and the inner piece pink.
Then I made a backer for the "S" out of black foam core. (Found this foam core at a just a $1 store. Definitely the best deal.)
For the "S", I bought a wooden letter from the store that fits well inside the frame. I painted it orange.
I bought the pink and orange flowers at the just a $1 store and hot glued them to the "S". I hot glued all the other pieces together and voila! A bold and interesting piece that I can't wait to hang in her new room!
These are just a few of the little projects/renewals that I've been working on lately. I've been busy with several, but unfortunately I'm very bad about taking before pictures. There will be more, especially as the construction of our house progresses.

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