Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Prime Time And A Splash Of Color

Some of the painting process has begun. Before embarking on the large task of finishing the floors, Nick decided to get some primer on the walls.
There are two colors of primer, white and gray. You can kind of tell what is what, although the gray can look like shadows.
You can see the colors a little better here.
Multi-purpose room with gray walls and white ceiling.
Ryder's room with white walls and gray ceiling.
Nick went ahead and shot a coat of color on all the ceilings too. He also removed the floor covering revealing our wood floors.
Yellow in the main living area.
Ryder's room with blue ceiling, Sabrina's room with orange ceiling.
Multi-purpose room with yellow ceiling, master bedroom with teal ceiling.
Utility room with blue ceiling.
There's more of course but there was a mix up with the paint labeling and some of the paint ended up being the wrong color. Oops, my bad.
Here's a floor view.
Lots and lots of floor.
The next step will be finishing the floors. There's more that could be done painting wise, but Nick's ready to get the floors over with. I don't blame him. I'm looking forward to seeing what they look like!
Here's a few fun pictures for your enjoyment.
Sabrina sitting between both her grandfathers, "Pops" and "Poppy."
Already enjoying coffee in our new place.
Ready to stay!
"Say cheese, Mama!"
Just a typical afternoon at Mom's - sewing and walking dead. And cats.
Queen Sabrina.
Till next time...


  1. so much fun!!!! thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love the pic of Sabrina with her two grandfathers. Such a great captured moment.

  3. yea. awesome! very exciting! love all the photos!