Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Lamp and Hat Rack For Ryder

I love to dress my son real snazzy. He's got several hats, including a really nice fedora. But what do you do with all those hats to keep them from getting damaged?
Answer: get a hat rack.
I got an expandable rack from my local thrift shop for less than $1.

It used to be a dark green color, but I spray painted it red to match his (future) room. However the tips stuck to the plastic cloth I painted it on, and it left a film. Instead of peeling it off and repainting, I decided to just cover them up.
I found these upholstery tacks at Joann's and cut the points off with wire cutters.
That left a little tip of the tack left, just enough to hammer them into the wood tips.
Done. I even hung it up myself.
BAM! Hat rack complete.
Next we have a lamp that was given to us.
It's very cute just the way it is, but the colors weren't quite right for Ryder's new room.
So I did a little tweaking.
A little paint, a few new touches like headlights and a racing stripe.
Oh, and taillights!
I bought the blue lampshade for $6. I couldn't believe I found a shade the perfect color of blue but there it was!
These were both fun little projects, and I can't wait to see it in his big boy room someday soon!

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