Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Florida, Sea World, Disney World - And A Birthday!

For my little niece's 2nd birthday, we headed down to Florida to visit her and the other part of our Flynn clan.
(Note: more than half these pictures were taken by my lovely sister-in-law, who has a much better camera and a lot more skill than me.)
Outside playing with Gram!
Let's all get up to the top!
Lorelei's belting it out and Sabrina's jamming on the piano.
Lorelei pushing Sabrina on the swing.
Here's Liam, our little nephew and the newest member of the Flynn grandkids. He is such a sweetheart, and has completely stolen Ryder's heart. Such a good baby.
Lorelei loves the movie Frozen, so we decorated the place up with paper snowflakes and her own movie paraphernalia.
It's like a blizzard in there!
"Happy birthday to you!"
2 years old!
Ryder was trying to help her out with those candles.
Cheese! We all love cupcakes!
Sabrina was literally in a state of bliss after her cupcake.
Early on in our visit we made a trip to Sea World.
Watching the dolphins.
Such a pretty place, such a pretty family.
Kiddos checking out the beautiful gardens.
Watching the Shamu show together. We have proof that they like each other.
On Lorelei's birthday we had the amazing opportunity to go to Disney World! Frankly, I was more excited than the kids.
The birthday girl all dolled up!
We're really here!
Starbucks tastes even better in Disney World.
Spinning teacups - Sabrina found it especially fun!
The birthday girl riding around.
Dancing with Gram in Rapunzel's square.
Ryder loves Casey Jr., the circus train from Dumbo.
Lorelei riding Dumbo with Gram.
Sabrina with Mommy.
That girl did not want to get off that elephant.
Ryder with Daddy.
Ryder was so excited that we got to ride a real steam engine! He couldn't wait to get on!
Little Liam being such a trooper on such a long day.
The birthday girl and her momma.
Watching a show with my kiddos.
Riding back to the car on the ferry.
This is about how everyone felt after a whole day of Disney.
(I couldn't help myself, this was such a cute picture!)
We had a great time being with our Floridian family. We miss them so much and can't wait till the next time we get to hang out!