Sunday, November 23, 2014

Batt & Foam: An Insulating Story

We've sealed the deal.
Foam on the outside walls, batt on the inside walls.
As you can see, we have some sheetrock already waiting to be put up. We're hoping to get that going pretty soon. It probably will be after Thanksgiving though.
It looks like our house is shrouded in whipped cream. It's slightly appetizing until you smell it. Believe me, this stuff bears no resemblance to whipped cream except in its appearance.
It's neat because it gives you a better feeling of what the house is going to be like; most of the inside walls are closed off. Plus, of course, the sound is deadened making it less empty hole-like.
In order for the guys to deliver the sheetrock, Nick built this little deck off the back door. We were really needing a decent entrance to the house anyway.
So things are moving along, it's just at a much slower rate than we'd like.
On another note, our family has been chugging along just fine.
Our kids were dressed so cute for church, I just had to share.
Pajama ride-on car races.
Eating beautyberries while taking a walk on our land. Looking forward to more moments like these.
With Thanksgiving coming up, there's a lot of reflection and gratitude being felt in our home. We will enjoy this holiday and hope everyone else does too.

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  1. your words uplifted and encouraged me, thankful!
    and the house is looking great!!