Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy Busy!

Sorry for the lack of activity, but things have just been a little busy lately. Between kindergarten graduation (heh heh), and a combo holyday/holiday weekend, my time for blogging is little to none at the moment. To top it off, Summer Reading at the library is coming up within a month and Ryder's birthday is right after that.

I'll probably be posting some projects soon, sewing and cooking alike. Got some cool squash recipes which are appropriate for the harvest season. Also have some dress and T-shirt ideas. Just gotta have the time to work on 'em.

Here's some cool country pictures for your enjoyment. I love the country.

I'm a sucker for mushrooms.

This rabbit was chillin' in our driveway for a while.

Enjoying the evening when it's cool-er.

Ryder loves to be outside.

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