Thursday, May 10, 2012

While We Were Gone...

I was nervous that our garden suffered greatly while we were gone to Florida. Even though we had a timer on the sprinkler, I wasn't sure the bugs didn't devour everything. When we got back, this is what we found...

Growth! Of plant and weed!

Corn, okra and beans.

Our first little squash!

Muscadine grapes.

Tomatillo blooms.

My best radish crop I've ever had!

We've got all kinds of blooms on our pomegranate.

Pickings from our strawberries and blackberries.

Before we left, Nick had picked some mulberries. There's only a few left on our other tree.

There were a few casualties. Only one of my celery plants is going to pull through, and my cilantro is probably gone. The squash bugs are running rampant, so I broke down and got some sevendust. It better work.

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  1. Wow! Your radishes are out of control! Also, is your squash all grown yet? That's pretty exciting. The only thing we've starting getting from our garden are radishes. Hopefully we'll start getting some zucchini pretty soon.