Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Leetle Leetle Shoes!

I have a thing for baby shoes. Ryder has worn shoes since he was born. Only with his recent crawling adventures has he not worn shoes in public. There are so many kinds, and there is something about that cute TINY foot in a TINY shoe!

One of my friends is expecting her first baby very soon. With her impending motherhood, I was inspired to make her baby some shoes. I knew she would like the TOMS style of shoe, as well as a moccasin, so I scoured Pinterest for patterns and ideas. Came up with some awesome tutorials, which I will include below.

 Find the blog and tutorial here.
Some alterations I made:
I hand sewed the top piece to the sole instead of machine sewing it, mainly because my machine has some glitches and it's hard to sew slowly with it. Also, since I'm a sewing newbie, this gave me more control over the size of the seam. I also did velcro instead of a snap.

The moccasin is so easy, I'll probably be making many more of these.

Find the blog and tutorial here.
Alterations I made:
I just added fringe. Cut a narrow strip of fabric the length of the long piece. Cut the fringe. Sew on just like you did the rest of the shoe.

I also had another friend expecting a baby, actually before my aforementioned friend. The sex of the baby was a surprise, so as soon as news got to me that it was a girl, I got busy making these shoes.

I made these using the same pattern as the first shoes.

I got a little carried away with the labels, but I thought it would be funny. And it was.

*In case you can't tell, the moccasins are labeled "Run aMocc"

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