Friday, June 22, 2012

These Are the Days

Life is so cool, you know? Every day may seem like it's the same sometimes, but really, it all changes, bit by bit. And really, who cares if things aren't complicated? I love the simple life. Take right now, I'm chillin' on the deck with my family after dinner, even though it's 99 degrees outside. Ryder's playing with his trucks, Nick is napping, I'm blogging...

What's cool about the simple things is that even small stuff seems big. Every little thing you do is an accomplishment. Cleaning the house for example. Or making dinner. It always feels good once it's done.

Anyway, enough philosophy, here are some cool pictures of Ryder in the recent weeks. So much he gets to learn and experience, it's just too much fun!

Got his two top teeth!

Fell asleep while out ridin'.

Ridin' with his pops! (Father's day)

Swimmin' naked in the lake
(there's even cuter pictures than these but these are the only ones I'll put online)

Kiddie pool at summer party

His new favorite toy: the tupperware drawer.

So neatly lined up!

Ridin' his truck.

Everyday there is so much to be thankful for, and so many small things to cherish.

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